Florida PaRally

A Celebration of Love, Language, Leadership and Friendship


Dear friends and fellow PaRally fans:

As time for our 3rd annual event gets closer, many of you have reached out, hoping for information so you can to make your plans to be with us.

I apologize that we on the PaRally Team have been uncharacteristically silent; it’s not without cause or consideration, I assure you.  With heavy hearts, we have contemplated the options and come down to a painful decision to cancel this year’s event.

Many of you have been with us through our 2 years of developing PaRally.  You’ve given it and us your wholehearted support and gratitude for that dictates being totally candid about rather private details of where we are now.

Unfortunately, circumstances of this past year have left me in a very difficult position, without the financial resources and, suddenly, without the time to devote to making our third annual event a reality this February. 

Several challenges are in front of each of us now, presenting difficult choices that make cancelling seem the most responsible decision we can make.  Finances have been extremely tight for the Team.  Brian and I have both taken on additional work projects this year and are concentrating on necessities in order to manage our budget. 

In early March, he and I will move from our little “cottage with the barn out back” to another place in order to give my dad the freedom to sell our family property. It’s more than overwhelming to face picking up from the place that has been my home for 45 years and that we’ve shared for 14 years together but we’ve found a manageable new situation and we’re hopeful that this move will be a positive change.  I’ve “been with” so many of you in spirit as your situations have changed through the years; I know you understand what a huge adjustment this is.

In Tink’s life, there have been some large challenges, as well.  A new job, as well as a recent illness and loss in her family have similarly precluded her from being able to devote herself to PaRally.

Tink, Marjie, Dan, Whitney, Brian and I have thrown our hearts into building PaRally. Organizing takes every bit of spare time we have throughout the winter; plus our sweat and whatever money we can to pull it off.  It’s a challenge for the team– living 100, 40, 70, and 300 miles away, respectively; but it’s a labor of love, an investment we’ve been delighted to see so warmly welcomed by you all as you’ve joined in our little idea of community and horsemanship in Florida. 

With recent changes in progress at Goethe, the majority of the physical work that happens the week prior is also a big challenge at present.  We had ideal accommodations for our home base in 2012 and 2013 –unfortunately we weren’t able to book them in time this year and they’re taken.  Figuring out how to make PaRally happen out of my leaky gooseneck rust bucket without heat seems a bit too Spartan, even for a seasoned workhorse and camper like me. We’ve researched other locations, but have yet to find an alternative that will offer us the ability to bring this event to you at the low cost we have always been committed to maintaining.

A great deal of worry has gripped us over this decision.  It’s frightening to think of breaking the momentum and community we’ve built.  Especially with having our very roots in the cancellation of the 2nd Parelli Rendez-vouz, it truly breaks our hearts to think of PaRally going away forever because of choices we must make in our lives this year.  Our budding community was a dream of ours and we’ve had some awesome plans to make our 3rd annual event the best ever.

To say this has been a difficult conclusion to come to is a huge understatement. Even with the mountain of work ahead of us in the move and some trying financial circumstances, cancelling this year has been one of the toughest choices I’ve ever made.  My journey in this life is not nearly as complete without all of you and our journey together toward love, language, leadership and friendship.

It’s my dearest wish that our friends will consider this a delay, rather than a cancellation, and that you will keep the faith and be there with us so we can come back stronger than ever to continue with our 3rd event in 2015.

I sincerely hope that PaRally can endure through this disappointment, and that each of you will help to keep its spirit alive until we meet again.


December, Tink, Marjorie and the PaRally Team